Family Mediation in South Florida

Family Law Mediation

Mediation in the family is a discussion. It takes place between two persons who have been in a relationship that is about to end. Family mediation can assist you in making long-term decisions. The mediator can guide the couples to resolve the family issues, such as child custody, education, contribution to the childhood and upkeep of children, estate division, inheritance, and other matters of similar nature.

Ultimately, it is the mediator’s responsibility to assist the disputed parties towards a previously agreed-upon goal. Mediation aims to arrive at a solution agreeable to both parties involved without assigning blame or accepting responsibility for the outcome. The agreement is supposed to result in a long-term improvement and settlement in the relationships between the mediated parties.

Family mediation is also an alternative method of family dispute resolution because it benefits from promoting amicable settlement and lowering the social and economic costs associated with divorce and separation for families, governments, and society. As a result, family mediation is particularly popular throughout the country, where it is considered an effective means of resolving family disputes.

However, for family mediation to succeed, the fundamental mediation principles must be adhered to, particularly the impartiality and independence of the mediator, which necessitates the participation of professional mediators.

Family Mediation Services in South Florida

Lloyd B. Sokolow Mediation Services offers professional, private family mediation services offering parties an additional approach to address their problems. Lloyd B.Sokolow will walk both parties through the concerns that will address in a Mediated Settlement Agreement. When the mediation process is complete, participants will have all they need to end their dispute.

Benefits of Family Mediation

Mediation is an excellent method of addressing family law conflicts without the need for continued litigation. It allows the parties to collaborate with the support of an independent third party to come to an agreeable resolution of their disagreement.

Most Florida courts compel litigants in family law disputes to arbitrate all pending a trial or final hearing.

Agreeing allows parties to influence the outcome of their suit rather than leaving their family issues to be solved by a court. Courts have an extraordinary measure of discretion on family law matters. While it is not common for both parties to get their most preferred result in a mediation agreement, it is unlikely that the agreement will end in either participant’s worst outcome.

Family law proceedings are highly emotional and contain the most private and sensitive parts of one’s life. Mediation allows the parties some influence on the result of their dispute. Mediation can also be significantly less expensive than fighting a dispute through trial.

Mediatable Cases

Our mediation services respect the interests of our clients, and Lloyd B. Sokolow, a South Florida family mediator, has expertise in private mediation. He provides trustworthy, distinct offices or conference rooms that combine relaxing aspects to establish a productive environment integrating technology where necessary. Our purpose is to provide the best possibility to work out a fair deal for our clients.

Lloyd B. Sokolow Mediation Services provide mediation assistance for the following types of incidents:

  • Pre-filing Mediations
  • Marriage dissolution with or without children
  • Paternity
  • Court Orders enforcement/Judgments
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Temporary Relief Issues
  • Modifications
  • Court Ordered as well as Non-Court Ordered Mediations
  • Any Family Related Matters

How do you prepare for mediation?

Lloyd B. Sokolow, Mediation Services, engages with clients earlier to explain what documentation and information are required before making a settlement decision. After that, the client gathers all the documentation and information and gives it to their attorney, who may issue discovery requests to the other participants or third parties.

Obtaining documentation and information may entail taking depositions, issuing subpoenas, interrogatories (questions to be answered under oath), acquiring appraisals, obtaining records, and interviewing witnesses’ copies from different sources (schools, banks, psychologists, etc.).

Before Mediation, Lloyd B. Sokolow Mediation Services mediators will meet with their clients to discuss their issues, the available information, documentation, and possible court outcomes. In addition, the attorney will often produce a confidential case summary for the mediator to familiarize him with the facts and issues before mediation.

Why Choose Lloyd B. Sokolow Mediation Services

If you want to learn more about family mediation, our firm is here to assist you. Lloyd B. Sokolow Mediation Services helps families in all parts of the state with their problems. With extensive experience in family mediation, our firm understands the devastating effects that a court case may have on a family.

Lloyd B. Sokolow, a family mediator, is prepared to assist all customers in moving through the legal process more quickly and cost-effectively. Call us at (561) 206-0040 for a free consultation if you want to learn more about this issue.